A Peoples History of America
Not the way you learned it in school

Peoples History Of America

Many of us have heard about the people of America. We know that they are a powerful civilization, that have ruled the planet for over 200 years. We also know that the United States is by far the greatest single nation ever created in all the human written recorded history of mankind.

But do we know anything about the history of America before this great and amazing time of its history came to be?The people of the United States are the last known indigenous inhabitants of this vast planet Earth. They arrived here in ships and with the help of pioneers, became the masters of this great land. They left their written records in the form of caves, and can still be seen today in such places as Stonehenge and Kennett City, just two of thousands of these ancient ruins. It is thought that the people of the Americas reached the New World via the crossing of routes that existed at the time of Columbus. As you read the great American history, you will see how they built great pyramids, huge towers and created monuments that are still standing to this day. In fact, many of the world's tallest buildings were constructed right here in the United States. Through the ages, the American people have learned to manage their vast natural resources and continue to thrive. Their remarkable achievements can be seen all over the world in such places as the Amazon rainforest, the Grand Canyon and even down to the sand dunes of Nevada. Some of the most important events in the history of the US can be found in its smallest towns. For example, the town of Newaygo is located on the western part of the state. This little town served as the original capital of the US military headquarters during the cold war. America artwork During World War II, it was the target of the Japanese aerial assault known as the Pearl Harbor attack. The US Navy was totally destroyed in this devastating attack and many US soldiers lost their lives. There are many more small towns that are filled with exciting history for the tourist to explore. However, the best thing to do if you want to get away from it all is to take a drive through the Evergreen National Forest. Here, you will see why the Evergreen is one of the largest parks in the country. It is also one of the most beautiful. Miles upon miles of beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife and beautiful forests allow visitors to see why the Evergreen is so special. As you travel through the beautiful forests, you will see the huge old growth forests. These are the areas that are the healthiest and most environmentally sound. This is where the people of the United States have relied on for food, shelter and medicine for many generations. Native American tribes such as the Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapahoe still depend on the natural wonders of the area for food, medicine and spiritual support. Peoples original These tribes understand the importance of preserving the natural world we live in. Another historical place that you may want to visit while in the States is the American Indian culture. This is a group that has built a rich history in the States and throughout the world. The people of the American Indian culture continue to be some of the most skilled people and most creative people. They have contributed greatly to the world we know today. The United States of America is a very large country. That is why you can never see everything there is to see. The United States of America has many rich, colorful and even scary cultures that you can see from their history books. Make sure you stop by one of the places listed above and enjoy learning about the people and the history of the place.