A Peoples History of America
Not the way you learned it in school

Political History Of America

The political history of America is perhaps more fascinating than any other aspect of US history. Most of this interest derives from the fact that every American who can travel to the country at all times in the history of this nation has a story to tell about its history. One of the best writers of the political history of America, Edmund Burke, gave us an account of the American Revolution in his Reflections in the Mirror. In America, one of our nation's leading literary authors gives us a unique one-way link book for vital information on almost every major military action between the United States and its colonial predecessors. Among the many books written about the revolutionary war, perhaps none better than Alexander Hamilton's The American Crisis. Hamilton wrote this masterpiece over a lifetime and it contains extremely rare and valuable personal writing. He wrote this book while serving as Secretary of the Treasury during the first administration of George Washington. One of Hamilton's most famous statements is "The American Revolution was the moral, the intellectual, and the patriotic mast of Europe." This author, who would be considered one of America's top historians today, could have been talking about this time in American history when he wrote this famous article. No one writing about American political history would be able to talk about it without also being able to give an overview of its global impact. The author of this popular book, Garth Corriveau, is well known throughout the world for his writings on American politics and history in general. He was born in Ireland but was brought to the United States by Ellis Jackson, a British officer. His family was originally from Ireland. While studying in Boston, Corriveau began traveling to Boston and eventually to Washington, D.C. This was where he became familiar with leaders such as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and others. He also became a strong supporter of the American revolution. He later served two terms as Speaker of the House of Representatives and was also U.S. Ambassador to France. As a result of this work he also was ambassador to France under the reign of Andrew Johnson. It is very interesting to learn that Corriveau was one of very few Americans of note to actually side with the British in the American revolution. He wrote in his book that the "Americans never cared to trust the British," which is a very bold statement for a guy who was one of their biggest supporters at the time. But when it comes to discussing the politics of political history, it seems that Corriveau at times was not fully honest in his depiction of events. Some people argue that he was trying to show America and England how strong and how weak they were in comparison to each other. It is a matter of opinion, but some Americans (including myself) do not believe that America was ever a great country and that indeed, it is a weak nation in every aspect. Corriveau also painted a picture of a very unhappy political scene in England at the time, which may not be so far from the truth. There were numerous grumblings between the Houses of Parliament and there was even the infamous "Parliament Crackdown" which put many people in prison. Additionally there was a war with France and some of Corriveau's writings reflect on that era of political history. It is also interesting to note that the book did not focus on the political aspects of the time, but rather focused on his personal experience traveling and living in Europe. Another political history book that I have enjoyed reading recently is American Power by Ronald Reagan. This was also written by Reagan, although this does not come from his time as president. I enjoyed reading this book because it seemed to be an historical perspective on how America has grown over the centuries. It is a great book to read if you are looking for something to read about the leadership of our country. It also is a great book to read if you want to understand what the origins of our global leadership system are. Of course these are just two of many political history books that I have enjoyed reading over the years. As you probably know, I have been a huge fan of world politics for as long as I can remember. If you are interested in world politics as well as American government I highly recommend reading at least one political history book. It will make a great read, it is informative, and it is going to challenge your perceptions about things.